Two semi-detached houses in San Miguel Village, Manila (The Philippines)

Construction of two semi-detached homes with garden

Construction of two semi-detached homes with gardens in the low-density residential area of San Miguel Village in Makati, Metro Manila, The Philippines.

The relationship with the courtyard and greenery becomes the core theme of the design, meaning that the houses are not built across the entire width of their façade, but rather they recede from their adjoining edges. This creates a garden courtyard at the side that can be accessed from inside both houses and that allows the properties to enjoy 360º of greenery.

The meticulously planned façade structure follows a classical order in terms of solids and voids, crowned by a steeply sloping gable roof.

The interiors of the homes feature wooden furniture elements which will be traditionally crafted with curved shapes to contrast with the linearity of the space.

  • year 2017
  • location Makati, MetroManila (The Philippines)