Can Solà Restaurant. Matadepera

Interior Design and styling of a restaurant full of light, color and nature

On the slopes of mount Sant Llorenç del Munt -an area of stunning landscapes- we find the Can Solà restaurant: a refurbished, contemporary and fresh space in an eleventh century traditional farmhouse (masía). The natural light, colour and fantastic natural surroundings offer diners a true experience.

With a menu based on local produce and slow cooking over charcoal, the ovens take central stage as an antechamber to the dining area; placed in an open space where the history of the restaurant is cooked.

A large buffet stands in the centre of the dining room, presided over by a massive Alocasia macrorrhiza. The buffet displays a wide range of fresh local produce and it is used to keep tableware.

The room is large and bright, and it frames the green of the gardens outside with their wonderful central holm oak, which draws the eye. Round tables placed between the structural elements of the space create intimate corners.

The old part of the farmhouse has more private dining rooms for meetings or events for smaller groups.

The choice of natural materials, some hand-made, like glazed tiles, reused wood, linen, wicker, rattan and bamboo, with the elegance of the cushioned benches, create a harmonious and warm environment.

Two colours - olive green and mustard yellow - are prevalent throughout the interior space. Thus, nature outside and the fire of the grill are represented in those two colours, which also appear on the menus and the uniforms of the waiters.

All of this gives Can Solà the ideal setting to be a place of rest and disconnection where you can spend time enjoying the cuisine and its fantastic environment.

  • year 2019
  • location Can Solà del Pla. Matadepera (Barcelona)
  • photographer Aitor Estévez