Renovation of country house in Empordà

House built with stone, local clay tiles and wooden slabs

A project in one of the many Medieval villages dotted around the beautiful Empordà region. This old barn, set in the narrow streets of a small rural village, will be renovated and refurbished.

Respect and value for the extraordinary local building tradition — clearly evident in the building to be restored — is present in every decision throughout the renovation process. Accordingly, its dimensional structure will not be altered, maintaining its façades and surroundings.

Walls made of local stone will be left unveiled, one-way slabs will be built that combine wooden beams with local ceramic vaulting, arches and existing lintels will be preserved, continuous cement coating will be used, along with custom-made furniture, local ceramic flooring arranged in different formats and patterns, iron railings, sloping roofs made with reclaimed tiles laid on local whitewashed ceramic, etc.

An endless array of textured surfaces without any sharp edges will serve to make the rooms of this property highly expressive. A harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, without altering its essence.


  • year 2017
  • location Baix Empordà (Costa Brava)
  • photographer Aitor Estévez