Complete refurbishment of a house in Formentera

Niños house. Refurbishment and interior design of a house in the Balearic Islands

Refurbishment of a house with swimming pool in Formentera, provided of a constructive topology and finishes somewhat removed from traditional Balearic construction.

The project sheds all those unnecessary elements, restoring the purity of all the rooms, in an attempt to achieve the essence of Balearic architecture. The openings in the façade were extended, seeking to increase the entrance of natural light, connecting the interior and exterior.

The colour white pervades throughout the house’s interior and much of the interior furnishings have been built-in. An exposed concrete platform rises above the existing swimming pool and overhangs it.

It is a comfortable and functional home where, as along the Mediterranean coast, light, color and shadows are the main protagonists.

  • year 2008
  • location Formentera (Islas Baleares)
  • photographer Jordi Sarrà
  • contributors E. Gómez (int.)