Remodeling of urban space in Cerdanya

Squares in Puigcerdà. Landscape intervention in historic town centre

Remodelling of the most central and relevant public space in Puigcerdà, originally very much deteriorated, with an excessive amount of traffic that diminished the civic and integrating potential of the space.

Traffic is eliminated, concentrating road and service communication on one side, freeing up a large central space. Two large linear flowerbeds protect the pacified area from the bustle of traffic working as filters between the two. A number of elements of street furniture simultaneously emphasise the physical and visual limit of the squares themselves.

Now the squares are conceived as a space conducive to promote rest and meetings, a peaceful space that allows the architecture of their surroundings to speak, the choir of traditional buildings that have as their backdrop.

  • year 2008
  • location Puigcerdà, Cerdanya (Girona)
  • photographer Eugeni Pons
  • contributors P. Estruch (int.)