Offices for Afinance group

Interior design of a workspace in Madrid

The aFinance group is a financial and property consultancy, having its Madrid headquarters in the heart of the Salamanca district. We’ve been asked to design offices that convey a serious and elegant image, with a contemporary touch.

The aim is for the workers to be at the heart of the project, bringing a feeling of home to the office, as though it were a second family.

We are therefore attempting to avoid hierarchies, favouring flexibility in the use of work areas and prioritizing a large central open space – one that is not static and which contrasts the multi-purpose glassed-in rooms in the two side wings of the offices. Leisure areas have been placed in the corners.

The interior quality of the offices has been a priority in terms of natural light, noise and air, along with good lighting and ergonomic furniture.

  • year 2016
  • location Calle Serrano. Madrid
  • photographer Nini Cortadellas