Recuperation of the river facade of the Ebro River

Landscape intervention in Ascó

Ascó lies amid some of the most interesting landscapes along the Ebro River. The intervention is aimed at regenerating and reincorporating the river environment into the structure of public spaces in the town, reactivating its riverfront. This reinforces identity, social and cultural links to the river as a site rich in historic memory and life, and an agglutinating element for ecological and cultural values.

It creates an ecological and social space, one that is functionally efficient and self-sustaining, integrated into the existing patchwork. It highlights the river landscape, generating itineraries and viewpoints that interpret landscapes, seeking to imbue the entire intervention with a formal connection (with sensitivity around the river, with character and modernity in the urban area).

  • year 2010
  • location Ascó, Tarragona
  • awards Second prize contest of ideas