Diamante Nero. Design billiard table

Design of a premium and luxury billiard table for MBM Biliardi

Diamante Nero is a billiard table that reflects the desire to create an element with its own unique character, looking for a pure and rational image.

The table consists of two clearly different elements: a strong inverted pyramid of a single material, as well as a light support formed by a minimalist profile. The duality of both elements, both in geometry and in materiality, is compensated by the pure and careful union between them, in which the minimalist support embraces the main element, keeping it a few centimeters from the ground.

The fact that the massive element, the inverted pyramid, remains with its lower vertex almost in contact with the ground, generates a tension between it and the floor, challenging the law of gravity. The heavy element versus lightness.

As if it were a jewel, the careful intersection of both materials is clearly executed, offering a timeless final image.

Thus, Diamante Nero is a table with a particular and unique character that elevates the practice of billiards to a unique experience.

  • year 2019