New York Slice Group. Strategic conceptualisation and branding

Interior Design for a pizzeria chain with an eco-friendly culture

The NY Slice Philippines restaurant group, which specialises in serving pizza slices to a predominantly young clientele, has entrusted us with the strategic conceptualisation of their premises.

We are keen to create a strong identity that immediately generates the impact needed to be recognised, promoting the expansion of the brand through a system of franchised premises.

Generating a concept with its own character, capable of exploring and conveying other values relating to good-quality, healthy food that is, at the same time, fast. Values that we regard as fundamental, such as innovation, a jovial spirit and environmental awareness, must be present in the proposal.

A place with a clear and simple language, and accompanied by a powerful graphic image in which colour and illuminated signs take centre stage.

A U-shaped counter is arranged in the central area of the premises to contribute to great visuals, as well as better communication and sales. The distribution and variety of the table layout bolster flexibility of use in the space.

  • year 2019
  • location Manila. The Philippines