Change of use from an office to a home in Terrassa

Home offering views to Vallparadis Park

Interior renovation and change of use of an office, converting it into a home. The property is located opposite the Vallparadis park – an important urban park in the city of Terrassa – and the entire process has been carried out with the aim of opening up views and visuals of the park. The park as a great asset and attraction of the home.

Apart from providing the building with a functional space that is typical of a home, the renovation carried out has enhanced the exterior view of the landscape (foreshortened, when previously the view had to be frontal), especially from the common areas.

The elimination of a partition wall that prevented a visual perspective provides a generous and extensive space with views, while at the same time being the location for a new kitchen. The location of a central island in the open-plan kitchen makes it possible to cook facing the landscape.

The night-time rooms, three bedrooms – one of which is en suite with an interior bathroom – are ventilated and illuminated through two interior courtyards.

The polishing and buffing of the existing terrazzo floor gives a fantastic mirror effect.

  • year 2020
  • location Terrassa (Barcelona)
  • photographer Carlos Sánchez